As a company, we are totally committed to the Green / ECO-Friendly movement by

combining comfort with production practices that are sustainable and earth-friendly.

ECOSUS Sleep Systems are made in the USA and use 20% less energy in the manufacturing

process compared to conventional methods as well as using less petrochemicals.

There was a time when made in the USA did not mean anything - it was all about price, price and price. However, with all of the recent quality problems in so many different categories of imported items, made in the USA has become very important. After further research and personal experiences, we have determined that most overseas factories do not abide by the ecology or sustainable practices described in their literature.

The New York Times recently estimated that one cargo / container ship entering a US port emits the equivalent amount of pollutants as 350,000 cars on the highway for one hour. Cargo / container ships crossing the ocean have become one of the leading sources of air pollution - not including the pollutants created from the unregulated production of their cargo.

We at ECOSUS Sleep Systems want to play a small part in eliminating the problem of environmental contamination while providing a beneficial nights rest. It has been our goal to study, analyze and develop sleep systems that promote a better way of life.

Yes - you can get a great nights rest and DREAM GREEN!

Each ECOSUS mattress meets the "Green Process Product" standards which means the mattresses are screened through three important standards: Clean Air Production, Sustainable Products and Earth Friendly Practices. In so doing, we are able to produce a memory foam mattress with a fraction of the carbon foot print of conventional mattresses.

All ECOSUS mattresses are vacuum packed and rolled. This special process reduces the amount of energy and pollution expended throughout the shipping process. In the vacuum packed state, the ECOSUS mattress can be shipped in just 20% of the space required of conventional mattresses. The #1 cause of return for conventional mattresses is damage during shipping or delivery. Each ECOSUS mattress will arrive neatly packed for easy placement while also being clean and free of contamination. You will be able to enjoy your new mattress on the first night.

Bamboo covers are made from one of the most rapidly renewable resources on the planet. The use of bamboo in our covers makes them biodegradable and creates a fabric that is softer than Egyptian cotton yet stronger than synthetics.

ECOSUS memory foam uses 100% natural plant based substitute for a large part of the petroleum products that are required to make foam. This patented production process results in significantly less petroleum demand per mattress and one that dissipates heat 9 times faster than other foams.

During the patented production process, the ECOSUS mattress foams are created in a sealed zero emissions facility that results in fewer chemicals and less energy being expended. The zero emissions facility also captures and filters out pollutants from the air before dispensing. This promotes a cleaner atmosphere outside your home and provides an odorless mattress for inside your home.