Memory foam is the fastest growing mattress in the specialty sleep category and for good reason. Unlike conventional coil springs, memory foam contours to your body relieving all pressure points resulting in less tossing and turning and less aches and pains. When memory foam first hit the market, there were three main concerns or complaints regarding the comfort. ECOSUS attacked all three of these elements successfully to further add to the comfort of memory foam:

"My memory foam mattress sleeps hot." - Common sense says that, if it takes body heat to activate the memory foam, then it must sleep hot. Using the latest in technology, ECOSUS has created a mattress that is not heat sensitive and works the same in a 60 degree mountain temperature as it does in a 90 degree beach temperature.

"I notice an odor coming from my new memory foam mattress but have been told that it will eventually go away." - An ECOSUS mattress does not emit an offensive odor and every mattress can be slept on from the very first night.

"It is extremely hard to change sleeping positions and overcome the pressure resistance from my old foam mattress." - ECOSUS memory foam is quick releasing with an open cell structure enabling easy movement from side to side. This is what we mean by no-cupping in the mattress. An added benefit to memory foam is that it does not transfer motion. No matter how many times your spouse gets up during the night, you will continue to get uninterrupted sleep.